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Title: Black Marble, The
Author: Joseph Wambaugh

ISBN: 0440613965
Published Date: December 21, 1998

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Sgt. A.A. Valnikov, LAPD is living with many demons. Formerly working homicide and now working burglaries, Valnikov is given a partner, Det. Natalie Zimmerman, who soon decides that Valnikov is not only a drunk, but is crazy. She tries to get him fired, but their boss, who has his own problems, puts her off. As Valnikov introduces her to his Russian heritage, music, food etc., she learns more about the "other side" of her partner. In the meantime, Philo Skinner, a dog handler, who trains, boards and shows dogs for wealthy clients, is being pressured by his wife, his clients and a loan shark, who is threatening bodily harm. Philo concocts a scheme to "dognap" a precious showdog and extort $85,000 to pay off the shark and live a life of leisure in Mexico. Valnikov and Zimmerman stumble onto the case which leads to a showdown with Skinner and a change in the two detectives relationship.
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