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Title: Avoiding the Sudden Stop: Guiding Ranier and Other
Author: George Heuston

ISBN: 1500823643
Published Date: 2015-01-07

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Grab your wooden ice axe and course nylon ropes because you are about to embark on a 1960s style mountain adventure - and there's sure to be plenty of fun, fear and excitement along the way. At just 7 years old, George Heuston was a full-fledged mountaineer- climbing and guiding up picturesque Mt. Ranier as one of the youngest climbers in the Pacific Northwest. Now, decades later, he shares his most unique experiences in Avoiding the Sudden Stop, a collection of memories, reflections and chronicles from a youth and young adulthood spent among the regions most rugged peaks. Written from his own perspective as a younger man, Heuston's book captures a different era of mountain climbing, when men braved the elements with wool clothing, cold leather boots and other antiquated gear. But above all, it is a coming-of-age story that explores not only the lifelong appreciation for the sport of climbing, but also relationships with friends and colleagues, changing life perspectives and how journeying into the mountains changed everything for this passionate young mountaineer.
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