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Title: End Game - A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller
Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.

ISBN: 1494762730
Published Date: 2014-01-16

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As the Director of the FBI is giving a speech in a hotel ballroom in Philadelphia, a gang enters and starts shooting. The Director is wounded, the Special Agent in Charge of the Philadelphia office is killed as well as a Philadelphia Deputy Police Commissioner. Inspector Ben Douglas is sent to Philadelphia to take charge of the investigation. During a series of attacks, one of the gang members is killed and he turns out to be a high school student attending an all-boys academy run by an educator from Germany. Legal Attache, Berlin, advises that this headmaster's family has a long history in Nazi affairs during WWII and after. Undercover agents disclose that the Headmaster and a small group of students have formed The New Nazi Party Waffen SS. When the FBI closes in, the group moves to a fortified old house in the New Jersey Pine barrens. Douglas is faced with arresting the barricaded gang without killing a group of teenagers.
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