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Title: Daughter of the Devil-A Ben Douglas FBI Thriller
Author: Richard D. Schwein, Sr.

ISBN: 1491075740
Published Date: 2013-07-25

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In an Iowa town, an FBI Agent is accused of murder. He claims self-defense. Inspector Ben Douglas is sent with a team to investigate. The Agent becomes an apparent suicide. Investigation determines he was murdered, but was involved with a satanic cult. The cult, headed by a woman who thinks she is Satan's daughter, practices Satanic ritual and operates criminal enterprises. A cable new reporter is taken hostage and is prepared for ritual sacrifice. Douglas and his team rescue her and arrest the cult members. In mid-winter, Douglas returns for the trial. The cult leaders escape, snatch the reporter and, in a raging blizzard, hole up in a farmhouse. They demand Douglas exchange himself for the reporter setting up a violent final confrontation.
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