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A Simple Act of Murder

Author: Mark Fuhrman
Mark Fuhrman, former Los Angeles Detective who played a prominent role in the O. J. Simpson case, takes a close look at the evidence in the JFK assassination. His analysis uncovers a clue, hidden for more than 40 years, that determines, once and for all, who killed JFK.
Publishing Date:December 26, 2007

Battle for Las Vegas: The Law vs. the Mob

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
During the 70s and 80s, the Chicago mob ran organized crime in Las Vegas, extorting funds from casinos and sending the bags of cash back to Chicago. Tony Spilotro was known as the "King of the Strip" when federal and local law enforcement declared war and vowed to clean up Las Vegas.
Publishing Date:July 1, 2006

Blooding, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
A true story of the murder of two teenagers in England in the mid-80's and the efforts of law enforcement to solve the crimes using blood samples.
Publishing Date:February, 1989

Chinatown Squad; Policing the Dragon

Author: Kevin Mullen
The true story of the criminals and cops who confronted each other in the streets and alleys of San Francisco's Chinatown. The author, a former Deputy Chief of Police in San Francisco writes about murder, organized crime and corruption.
Publishing Date:September 1, 2008

Cullotta: The Life of a Chicago Criminal

Author: Dennis N. Griffin
Frank Cullotta and Tony Spilotro, were Chicago youths who grew up in organized crime and became the mobs reps in Las Vegas. Robbery, murder and extortion were their stock in trade until the FBI "turned" Cullotta, who then collected evidence and testified for the government against the mob.
Publishing Date:July 16, 2007

Death and Justice

Author: Mark Fuhrman
Mark Fuhrman, former Los Angeles Detective known for his role in the O. J. Simpson case, looks at the death penalty in Oklahoma. In 2001, 21 inmates were executed, more than in any other state. Many of these cases were in Oklahoma County where a police chemist was fired for mismanaging the crime lab. Fuhrman analyzes a dozen cases, reviews police records, trial transcripts and conducts numerous interviews. In two of these cases, the death row inmates were subsequently found to be innocent.
Publishing Date:September 28, 2004

Echoes In The Darkness

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
A true story of the Mainline Murder Case, the murder of a teacher, whose nude body was found in her car and her two children missing. At the core of the case are two academics, Bill Bradfield, an outstanding teacher, an expert in Greek and his special hero, Ezra Pound, but with a bent for collecting women. Also Dr. Jay Smith, the principal of Bradford School, has such strange nocturnal habits and sinister ways that colleagues have dubbed him Prince of Darkness. Seven years of investigation by law enforcement resulted in an unforgettable and unique murder trial.
Publishing Date:September 1, 1987

Fire Lover

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
John Orr, arson investigator for the Glendale, CA Fire Department, was on the scene when a home improvement center in South Pasadena burned to the ground, killing four people, including a two year old boy. After a series of fires over a number of years, a profiler called the one responsible, "probably the most prolific arsonist of the 20th century." Could this be John Orr, a man so respected in this field that he wrote articles for magazines and instructed arson investigators? Is the alleged fictional novel he wrote about an arson investigator turned arsonist really fiction? Or could it be an autobiography? A true and exciting story about the crimes, the investigation and the trial.
Publishing Date:May 27, 2003

Gatekeeper: Memoirs of a CIA Polygraph Examiner

Author: John F. Sullivan
A 31 year polygraph examiner for the CIA tells about uncovering double agents, foreign spies, applicants with criminal backgrounds and internal misconduct. A history of the development of the CIA's polygraph program.
Publishing Date:May 30,2008

Lines and Shadows

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
A true police story about the Border Crime Task Force, a squad of San Diego police officers, who disguised themselves as illegal aliens and prowled the international borders. Their mission was to stalk the ruthless bandits who preyed upon the thousands of illegal aliens crossing from Mexico into the United States. Joseph Wambaugh, a former LA Police Detective, writes about the isolation and exhiliration of a handful of men attempting to tame a strange and dangerous frontier.
Publishing Date:November 1, 1995

Murder in Brentwood

Author: Mark Fuhrman
Mark Fuhrman was the first LA Detective on the scene of the Nicole Brown Simpson, Ron Goldman murders. In this book, he gives his account of his investigation, including his original notes, and his collection of evidence, both at the scene of the crime and at the O. J. Simpson residence.
Publishing Date:December 1, 1997

Murder in Greenwich

Author: Mark Fuhrman
Martha Moxley, an attractive 15 year old, was bludgeoned to death with a golf club on her parents estate in Greenwich, CT, in October 1975. At the time this book was written, the case was still unsolved. Mark Fuhrman, the author and a former LA Detective, looks at all the evidence, conducts his own investigation and comes to the conclusion that the killer is Michael Skakel, the nephew of Ethel Kennedy.
Publishing Date:January 6, 1999

Murder in Spokane

Author: Mark Fuhrman
Mark Fuhrman's last book, "Murder in Greenwich" led to the arrest of Michael Skakel, nephew of Ethel Kennedy. Fuhrman, the LA Detective who played a prominent role in the O. J. Simpson case, now turns his attention to a serial killer in Spokane, WA. Fuhrman is a guest host on a radio talk show when the mutilated bodies of two prostitutes are found (a total of 23 dead prostitutes over a 10 year period.) He takes it upon himself to analyze the investigation and expose an inept investigation by the local police. When an arrest is made, he shows how an overlooked clue might have saved the lives of 9 of the victims.
Publishing Date:May 22, 2001

Of Spies and Lies

Author: John F. Sullivan
The author, a former CIA Polygraph Examiner, writes about his four year assignment in Viet Nam.
Publishing Date:April, 2002

Onion Field, The

Author: Joseph Wambaugh
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Publishing Date:August 28, 2007

Right, Wrong and Rationalizing the Truth

Author: Larry Watts
This is a story of the tragedy that engulfs all those involved when a peace officer uses a weapon in the line of duty. The author weaves a story filled with small-town values, big-city police work, the influence of political decisions and racial overtones which all come together as the story's characters make life-changing decisions.
Publishing Date:June 20, 2011

Silent Witness

Author: Mark Fuhrman
Former LAPD Detective and now, best-selling author Mark Fuhrman, looks at the Terry Schiavo case. Applying his extensive investigative skills, he examines police records, legal case files and medical evidence. With the cooperation of Schiavo's family, he interviews forensic experts, crucial witnesses, family members and caregivers. This book answers questions about the marriage of Terri and Michael Schiavo, her condition when she collapsed and her death.
Publishing Date:

Sniper Shot

Author: Barry Ozeroff
Delve into the world of an Oregon Special Response Team and the competition between the primary and secondary snipers. When it's determined that one of them has commited a murder, the interaction between them intensifies and leads to a dramatic climax.
IPN:ISBN-10: 1596871504
Publishing Date:December 25, 2005

Soldiering On

Author: Alan Brosnan, Duke Henry, Bob Taubert
Real live adventures of Brosnan and Henry as members of New Zealand's Special Air Service and as private security operatives in Viet Nam, Brazil, Afghanistan, the US and New Zealand fighting terrorism and injustice.
Publishing Date:January, 2003

Spirit of the Badge: 60 True Police Stories of

Author: Ingrid P. Dean
The author has compiled true stories by active and retired police officers which are both human and humorous. The stories highlite both the spiritual and inspirational side of police work and cover areas such as apparitions, intuition, dreams and unexplained phenomena, in contrast with the tough cops on reality TV.
Publishing Date:November 3, 2009

Stories of Faith and Courage from Cops on the ...

Author: Carman Grant Wolf
A devotional book written by active and retired law enforcement personnel. Each story reflects a true life experience and is usually related to an event that occurred on or near that day. The book contains 365 stories and is compiled by Grant Wolf, former Executive Director of the Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers.
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Toughest Gang in Town; Police Stories

Author: Kevin J. Mullen
Crime, graft and justice (or the lack thereof) in Old San Francisco in the 19th and early 20th century written by a San Francisco historian and former Deputy Chief of Police of San Francisco.
Publishing Date:August 1, 2005
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