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If you're like me, there's nothing better than reading an exciting police or legal thriller, the kind of book that you can't put down.  I'm talking Grisham, Baldacci, Turow, all attorneys or Wambaugh or Furman, former LA Police Officers.  After all, ex-law enforcement-authors and attorney-authors know about police procedures.  And, whether it's a serial murder case, a terrorist act or a massive white-collar fraud, they have the first-hand experience of investigating, prosecuting or defending these cases.

Whether writing a real-life book about one of their own cases, or writing fiction based on their personal experiences on the streets or in the courtroom, it's bound to be exciting and a good read.

If you agree, this website is for you.  It's filled with fiction and non-fiction, hardcover, paperbacks, audiobooks and e-books, published recently and not-so-recently.  We will update our stock on a regular basis, so come back often and bookmark this site.

As an added bonus, I've included a section for books written by former FBI Agents.  Here you'll get the inside scoop about cases you've heard about, like the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Unabomber, Ruby Ridge etc.  You'll also find books by former agents who went undercover and risked their lives to infiltrate the Mafia, motorcycle gangs, terrorist and other anti-government groups.

As a retired FBI Agent, I know something about good police work and courtroom drama.  And, who knows, I may have a book or two rattling around in my head and, one of these days, you may have a chance to read one of my stories.  Thanks for visiting.

Jim Sniegocki

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